When I started ‘Valhalla’ three months ago, I felt there was magic. Chris Bouchard (drums), Joey Six (guitars), Dave Koehler (lyrics) and Mike Patterson (vocals) must have felt the sameā€¦

‘Valhalla’ turned out as I hoped it would: with the Scandinavian vibe, the power and excitement in every vein. Enjoy the warriors.

We ply the icy waves
By stars we steer
In dragon ships
Without fear

Foes scan the sea
Spot our sails
Their stomachs turn
Their hearts quail
Some test our might
And some turn tail
But those that fight
Were doomed to fail

On the field
Don’t mourn the fallen

The warrior’s right
Battle all day
Eat and drink all night
So may we fly to Valhalla

Fly to Valhalla

By northern lights
We are born
To live by strength
And fear no storm

Forward in battle
Weapons unshorn
Eternal disgrace
For those who yield
I will never yield

Honor for those
Carried home on a shield
When the horns sound
And the blood will flow
We will fight and win
Or to Valhalla we will go

The warrior’s right
We’ll battle all day
And drink all night



(Lyrics: David Koehler, Vocals: Mike Patterson)

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