Descendant II

‘Descendant II’ is the remake of an earlier version –, with an entirely different jazzy vibe. Lyrics by Tez Katajala, Bill McCarthy on drums and Jim Bryan on fretless bass. Marc Brouwer’s rearrangement of the piano part is truly great in every way and clearly showed the new direction. And on top of that: Kari DeNeal with an unequalled vocal performance… JustThat.

I can’t help who I am
I am a descendant
I can’t show who I am
I’m lost in the dissonance

I’d like to rise above the noise
But I’m stuck in the present
I’d like to fly away
But I’ve been grounded

I need you to help me
To keep from drowning
I’m lost in all the noise
Will I be found

Will I be found
Will I be found
Will I be found

To rise above the noise
I need to be persistent
I am a descendant

Lost in the dissonance
Stuck in the present
Trying to keep from drowning
To keep from drowning

(Lyrics: Tez Katajala, Vocals: Kari DeNeal)

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