The goal

Greed… It’s one of the seven sins which are the subject of ‘The goal’. Written by David Koehler and convincingly performed by Buck M. The musical stage is my usual Reason programming plus the subtle rhythm guitar of Nicola Offidani providing that special 80-ies feel. Enjoy!

You act like you’re
Some Robin Hood
But you ain’t foolin’ me
You’re up to no good

You’re a clever one
Smooth talkin’ man
Sell water to a fish?
I know you can

You come by your funds
In nefarious ways
Then pretend you’re a hero
Like the ace of spades

What’s the goal
For the money you stole?
What’s the goal ?
What’s the goal?

You took from the rich
Give to the poor
That was your story
‘Til you passed those stores

It ain’t from need
You’re livin’ fine
It’s more like greed
Can’t walk the line

Weird addiction
Don’t you see it’s a crime?

What’s the goal
For the money you stole?
What’s the goal man?
What’s the goal?

Well you finally got caught
And you did some time
Now you’re on parole
But you’re still not buyin’

And history repeats itself
You’re just diggin’ a hole
And sellin’ your soul
For a glamourous role

So that’s the goal
For all the money you stole
You brag about diamonds
But you’re diggin’ up coal

Is that the goal, man?
Is that the goal?

(Lyrics: David Koehler, Vocals: Buck M.)

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