King Clown

From the very beginning I knew ‘King Clown’ would be a winner. And each of the contributions of Steve Johnson, JC Beziz, Andrew Payne, Marc Brouwer, Elizabeth Auzan and Tarjei Skarlund added up to this feeling. Such a cool original popsong. Ultimate JustVera groove.

King Clown why do you frown?
Joker stole my plastic crown
And it’s bringing me down
To the ground

Ha ha the Joker said
Clown has no crown for his head
He is wishing me dead
Dead, dead

Well, when the people knew
King Clown feeling blue
They rushed to his rescue
Gave the case to the best gumshoes
Joker, the joke’s on you
What you gonna do?
What are you going to do?
The joke’s on you
Ding dong, the bell tolls for you
For you, for you, for you

King Clown got back his crown
Happy Ending
Life’s just a carousel
Happy Ending
Ding dong, the bell tolls for you
Ding dong, the bell tolls for you

(Lyrics by Elizabeth Auzan, vocals Tarjei Skarlund)

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