The starting point of ‘Stranger’ was a song I created some 4 years ago: ‘Lost your halo’ ( Just love the sound of these programmed drums. I played around with a new direction, Tez Katajala came up with the lyrics, but no singer seemed interested to turn those into a vocal performance. So I decided to have a go myself… The result was fair, thanks to many hours of meticulous tuning/synching/editing. Still I felt the song deserved a lead singer. I invited Buck, who sang on previous JustVera tracks and fortunately he accepted the challenge. Long story short: I mixed all bits and pieces into the present version with his lead and my backing vocals. And all instruments and production by me/Reason. Three minutes of perky powerpop. So me.

Have a primal wound
Just trying to survive
By not getting too deep
Into other peoples lives

Trying to survive
Just trying all the time
I have a primal fear
An anxious depression
Of losing someone near
Of losing someone near

When will you feel
When will you heal

You’re a stranger
to yourself

Compulsive behavior
Compulsive behavior
When will I heal

When will I feel
When will I heal
And be loved

(Lyrics by Tez Katajala, vocals BuckM.&me)

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