It was back in 2014 when the first JustVera (mini)album got released: ‘What took us so long?!’. Four years later there was ‘Raw and Reckless’ and now there is ‘More than anything’.

35 NEW JustVera tracks, which I composed and produced with the help of dozens of musicians from all over the world. (Full list below.)
Be prepared for some amazing new and original stuff… Mastered by Insub and Tommy Hellsten. And Tommy offered to remaster the first two albums as well. So I decided to include these remastered tracks on ‘More than anything’ as a bonus.

All official JustVera tracks collected on one album. Enjoy.

These are the artists who contributed to JustVera. For the sake of Music. It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with you. More than anything.

Alan Abernethy
Alex Zulaika
Alexander K.
Alice Minguez
Amanda Moubarak
Amy B.
Andrea Spaziale
Andrew Boucher
Bill McCarthy
Bryan Shoemaker
Buck M.
Caleb Anderson
Cali Beach
Chris Bouchard
Christine Linge
Dan Rosati
Daniel Swain
David Koehler
Elizabeth Auzan
Ellen Kussy
Esther Bredius
Frederic Osuch
G TeePee
Gabro Jazz
Gustavo Abreu
Heidar Sigurdsson
Ian T.
Jan van de Garde
Jannik Gade
Jarek Adamowski
Jean Lui Toudou
Jeff Bragg
Jeff Dalton
Jen Carie
Jim Bryan
Joel Sattler
Joey Six
John Heavern
Jon Garcia 
Jordi Ribas
Kari DeNeal
Kris Pride
Lisa Dewey
Lloyd Plueschow
Loek van der Knaap
Louis Marchena
Marc Brouwer
Mark Adams
Mark Alan Dooley
Mark Bowen
Mark Miller
Martin Nilsson
Maurizio Marini
Michel Pilotte
Mike Patterson
Monroe De La Vega
Nicola Offidani
Nigel Robinson
Olivia Brame
Olivier Demaine
Parmia Vaala
Patricia Kigilcim
Pepino Lorenzo
Peter Bomhof
Peter Hendriks
Ray Kaliss
Rick Farrell
Rob Glass
Robert Saint Denis
Sean DeCataldo
Steve Rice
Sven-Martin Keil
Tarjei Skarlund
Tez Katajala
Thomas Hjorth
Todd Vierra
Todd W.
Tom H.
Tommy Hellsten
Tracy Hayden
Tracy Hutchison

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