Steel mills and apple pie

Some 15 years ago I composed an instrumental canvas called ‘The ballad of Errol Warwick’. Recently I added an original love story, based on personal experience and transformed it into ‘Steel mills and apple pie’. Thank you G Tee Pee, Bill McCarthy, Caleb Anderson and Amy B. for helping me to create an epic piece, bringing back happy memories…

Nothing ever changes around this town
Nothing ever moves, it’s in the ground

Fifteen, high school, looking past the school room
She sat two rows in front of me
The one I wanted instantly
It’s raw when you’re a teen

Hung at the club where you played guitar
I listened it broke my heart
the drunks in the bar
drinking hard

It’s better than this, that I know

Mid life, now I’m twenty five
It’s a clown show, full flow
Played out and passed out on the bar floor
Saw your mother still serving slow

Malt to the flies and the guys from the yard
Hard men, working men
That’s all we are

Small town girls look for a car
A ride away to a dance in the bar
Nothing changed, nothing does,
Nothing will, the way things are
Nothing ever changes around this town
Nothing ever moves it’s in the ground
Of steel mills and crunching sounds

Thought I’d look up to you again
thought I’d think that’s what mother said
I met him at high school, the captain of the team
There was something about him, that stood out to me
He treated me good, he treated me right
It ended up leaving in the same night

Nothing ever changes, nothing ever moves
We’re all stuck in the ground
With nothing to lose

Been around the world
Had many nights
Some full of pain
Others of delight
Other wild times
So high on life

I’ve had many lovers of all kinds
I’ve rolled from bed to bed
from nameless faceless, hopeless covers
Missing you so much that
I can’t take it, I can’t take it

Nothing fills the hole of you
Nothing feels the same as you
Nothing works, work work harder
Run away you run further

So I find I’m here again
(Nothing ever changes around this town)
Back here again, sober, straight, saved
(Nothing ever changes)
Ghost of a town, ghosts are all around
(Nothing ever moves, it’s in the ground)
There’s no more draw than you
No more pull than your eyes
You keep me true
(Hypnotized by the local sound)
This is the life I found
(Steel mills and the crunch of apple pies)

Excuse me miss, do you know the way to the…? Well I’ll be, it’s you! Umm, how have you been? It’s been ages you look wonderful, striking actually.

It has been some time hasn’t it, I’ve been well. I’ve been traveling a lot with a man that I met. There are some days that I wish for a quiet moment without the motion of life swirling around me, but those times of trial have made me much stronger.

Sounds like quite the journey. Are you you doing anything right now? If you have time I know a beautifully little cafe right by the beach where we could catch up. I’d love to hear about your all of your plights and victories.

You know what, I think I might have an hour or two that I could spare.
Come on, let’s go.

Nothing ever changes around this town
Nothing ever moves, it’s in the ground
Hypnotized by the local sound
of steel mills and the crunch of apple pies

(Lyrics: G. Tee Pee, vocals: Caleb Anderson and Amy B.)

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