The Healing

Sure, it was my idea and it is my production. But my goodness… The über-excellent contributions of Joey six, Jim Bryan, Mark Miller and Jeff Bragg made to this 3-minute power ballad almost were too much for me. Do yourself a favour. Open up to 179 seconds of sheer class.

Now who am I?

Frustration, desperation
The seeds of this anxiety
What if I open my eyes?
If what I see I despise?
Powerlessness feeds insanity

Destitution my restitution
For all these atrocities

Reclamation, emancipation
Where did you leave the keys?

Each day begins the healing
Pages in the book of liberty

Just who am I supposed to be?

Starting early, not yet seaworthy
These first steps of sobriety
But am I immune to the lies?
Primed for another reprise
Prepare for another round of apologies

Now who am I supposed to be?

Remembering who I was
Essential to who I will be
I live for it all …

(Lyrics & Vocals by Jeff Bragg)

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