The deepest blue

Once upon a time thousands of cenotes were created all over Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. They were revered by the ancient Mayans as sacred wells. Now, 66 million years later there’s ‘The deepest blue’. Quite a special song, full of groove, originality, surprise and mystery. Thanks to a bunch of top league online musicians:
Bill McCarthy (drums)
Jean Lui Toudou (bass)
Rob Glass (bass)
Joey Six (guitars)
Mike Patterson (lyrics & vocals)

Discover a new sensation…
comfortable at elevation
Welcome to the deepest blue
Scary, but it beckons still…
Leap into the indigo

Step into the portico
then enter the vestibule
The world awaits…
your quest… Investigate!

It’s something you’ve never seen
A field of the truest green
In front of you
a sea of the deepest blue

One door closed, a new one opens
Plunge into the azure ocean
(Welcome to the deepest blue)
It’s a little scary at first
till you rediscover that thirst

Something like a divination
Every scene a revelation
(Welcome to the deepest blue)
It feels like this was meant to be
Utopia surrounding me
It’s just what I’ve been searching for
and now I’m wanting more and more
(Welcome to the deepest blue)
The deepest blue… it comforts me
but can this really be reality?

(Lyrics & vocals by Mike Patterson)

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