Puppet Parade


Another international line-up for this latest Justvera track called ‘Puppet Parade’. Let me introduce the members…

Powerful drums by Andrea Spaziale from Italy, guitar by the one Brit that never should exit JustVera: Martin Nilsson, awesome saxophones by our American friend Sven-Martin Keil and lyrics plus original vocals from the one and only US-based Monroe De La Vega.
I consider ‘Puppet Parade’ as one of the most successful vivacious and exciting mixes of pop, rock and magic. But don’t take my word for it.

We gathered all around
Cheers, to better days
Cause I know now
There’s nothing sweet about this cake

How insane that all of my life I’ve been bought and battered
By the sound our towns
No body truly hunts for truth
Shouting, easy come easy go
They seek the vote less bold
But some will haunt the beat of the weaker man

But some where In the mist of puppet parade filled streets
There are moments
That’ll burn your liberties
That’ll make your nightmares bleed

(Lyrics by Monroe De La Vega)