For seven years I’ve been working on ‘Suspicion’. The contributions of Alex Zulaika (drums), Eric Spiering (bass) and Job Posthuma (intro lead guitar) kept me going, knowing there was a gem to be discovered. Then Richard Lunt came along. His original lyrics and stunning vocal performance were the missing pieces.
Do you think you heard it all? You might be in for a surprise…

(Note to self: never give up.)

You say suspicion is on your mind
You say you’ll try and leave those thoughts behind
They’ll only drag you down as far as your soul can fall

You’ll start fabricating
procrastinating over stories born in grey matter
that don’t matter at all

Suspicion is on your mind
You’re suspicious of what you might find
And you’re scared of it coming to fruition
And you’re scared of the truth

Oh the voices,
The choices
In my head

It’s like a video in my head
Fast forward, repeat, delete, repeat
It’s dragging me down to the ground

Blackmailing, water torture, humiliation, interrogation, music torture, nudity, pharmacological torture, exploitation of phobias, mock execution, leaving arachnophobes in a room full of spiders

All these thoughts are in silence

(Who would have thought)

And your scared of it coming to fruition

Oh the voices,
The choices
In my head

The voices, the choices

(Lyrics and vocals by Richard Lunt)

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