Just summer


When your life looks grey for whatever reason, you might consider listening to ‘Just summer’.

(With warm regards from Chris Bouchard, Steve Johnson, Elizabeth Auzan, Kat Orlando, Katiria Mar and me.)


Baila conmigo
Baila conmigo

Rumba y salsa
Vengo con una propuesta
Dime, quien falta?
Time for the fiesta
Plumber, drummer, lover
Let’s enjoy the summer
Plumber, drummer, lover
Let’s enjoy the summer

Ocean breeze
Come with me
Let’s have some fun
Sex and sun
Let it be
Set me free
Summertime love
Hit and run

Summer love
Summer love

Lazy siesta
Ken and Barbie
Marvelous party
Sun is shinning
Wine and dining
Catwalk stunner
Just strut the summer

Baila conmigo
Baila conmigo

Dime, que quieres cariño?
Que decida el destino
Si somos amigo
Solo baila conmigo, baila conmigo
Baila conmigo

(Lyrics Elizabeth Auzan/Katiria Mar, vocals Katiria Mar)

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