Stranger days

My initial idea was to create a musical piece like a kind of film score. Then Ramlee came along and provided an extra layered bassline. Much to my surprise Richard Lunt joined in with an amazing vocal performance. His lyrics were written in the context of a long term relation where one person has mental health issues and has become a stranger to themselves and their environment. Shivers…

I wake up in the morning,
This isn’t my head,
Thinking thoughts I never had – I feel like a stranger.

Stranger days, stranger ways

Strange that
You said
I said
Til death doeth apart

Strangest thing is
I never left your side
Just my mind wonders lonely as a clown

Stranger ways, strange days, stranger
Crazy ways
I lost my mind

One day we’ll look back and say
Those were the days of our time
Mind declined

One of these days my mind will be mine
You’ll be denied

One of these crazy days, we’ll smile
Smile denied

Oh I want to be in control
I’ve lost control
Give me control

You lost control
You left me feeling way behind
You lost your soul
You left me feeling cold inside

Stranger days, stranger ways
Stranger days, stranger ways

(Lyrics and vocals by Richard Lunt)

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