Strangled up by fear


It took more than 3 years to finish ‘Strangled up by fear’. Lyrics by Mike Mantecon, vocal performance by Dave Budd. Well matured if you ask me.

Etches on the desert sky
A land lost in the wake of time
And here amidst the sands
Lies the shadow of a man

And frantically we run
There is mercy for no one
Without a reason why
We chase the summer skies

Strangled up by hate
Always a ragdoll for fate

We race the essence
Of our frantic selves
An enemy inside
We know all too well

Strangled up by fear
Always sensing danger here

Strangled up by fear
Day to night, night to day
Strangled up by fear
It all begins to fade

(Lyrics by Mike Mantecon, vocals Dave Budd)

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