The lyrics and vocals of Ramlee, Kat Orlando’s brilliant soprano sax and Timothy Reid’s subtle chords contributed to this intriguing intoxicating track ‘Slowdown’.
Contemporary? Adult? Ambient? Alternative? Cool? You name it.
JustVera agrees with your choice.

First time was a revelation, a conflagration, a coup d’├ętat
Second time was a declination, a desecration, an au revoir
I knew at once that a liberty had been taken
I recognized henceforth that my faith was shaken

Under the right conditions, the speed of light can alter
Close to a singularity, physical laws can falter
The distance between two points in space, the light from a star no longer there
The end of time when all clocks stop, the slowdown of each love affair

Winter sun is a consolation, a mitigation, an empty kiss
Past loves are solo dance, a phantom chance to reminisce
I never doubted the sincerity of your feeling
But there are injuries beyond the power of healing

Under the right conditions, desire becomes disorder
The heart an unmapped island in a wilderness of water
The deepest point of the ocean floor, the ecstasy in deep despair
The darkness that surrounds the sun, the slowdown of each love affair

(Lyrics and vocals by Ramlee)

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