Life is worth nothing

Tarjei Skarlund (vocals), JeanLui Toudou (bass), Chris Bouchard (drums), Kelly Miller (guitars), Elizabeth Auzan (lyrics). These people never actually met -each other or me-, but they did take my initial idea to the next level. All thanks to Kompoz.

Tusen takk! ¡Muchos gracias! Thank you so much!/Merci beaucoup! Vielen Dank!

Your point of view
Is what makes you, YOU

Born and screaming alone
Smacked on the behind
I didn’t ask to be born
Nor did the rest of humankind

I was pressured to conform
But I didn’t give in
Learned true values and respect
For kith and kin through thick and thin

All wisdom can be held
In the laughter of a child
Capacity for wonder
Keeps adults from being defiled

See the glass half-full
See it half-empty as you will
Your point of view
Is what makes you, YOU

What have l learned
After this toil and strife?
Life is worth nothing
But nothing’s worth life

(Lyrics by Elizabeth Auzan, vocals Tarjei Skarlund)

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