River of Black

AlexanderK -guitars- and me had been working on this one for some weeks in creative seclusion. Then Rick Farrell joined with the lyrics and vocals to match. And ultimately we decided to swop the programmed bass and drums for the real thing by Jordi Ribas and Todd Vierra.

‘River of Black’ shows the power of our online collaboration. Clenched energy. And… another original side of JustVera.

Save yourselves
From all that’s lost
Your faith is withered
Bare a cross
Around your heart
And cross that river

Even though
The weight is gone
Nothing seems alright
Grab those chains
And break them all
And cross that River

Let’s say a prayer for all
Let’s say a prayer for you
Let’s bury all the deep of hate
And watch them quiver

In the night
In the night
I feel the rage
In the night

I don’t fear you
You don’t need me again
I can tell you
You keep running away

Running, away
And running away
You keep
Running and running
You keep running..
In the night
You keep runnin’

I can tell
By the way
That you
Watch me burn
You can sing
All you want
But there is a
Lesson to learn

And if you
Take that step away
And if you
Cross that river
And in the night
I can’t be saved.

(Lyrics and vocals by Rick Farrell)

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