Drops of Rain (Therese Marie)

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‘Drops of Rain’ is the heartbreaking story of the tragic loss of John Heavern’s little sister. Words that cut, recited by himself. The singing part is convincingly performed by Louis Marchena. JustVera with a bleeding heart.

Eyes of flaming embers
seek fuel, as others wonder
the cause of crystal stares
I place their faces under.

A stepping stone too far
for most to blindly reach
must somehow come ajar,
move outward, and beseech
a helping hand, still unknown
by others, and myself.
My heart and soul softly moan,
as dreams cry out for help.

Time marches to my door
and feeds upon my doubts.
The answers I’ve ignored
must cast the shadows out.

Life can traumatize,
when life delivers dread
and when all faith inside
leaves a heart misled.

I shiver, shout, cry and plead,
as a piece of my heart is pierced and bleeds.

Caught within a tragic dream,
cast among the dust and haze.
A zombie’s eyes look longingly,
emotions black and thoughts of grey.
Consoling souls give words of hope,
their pity falls like drops of rain,
it soothes the flesh to some degree,
but doesn’t seem to ease the pain.

Please help me to awake from this,
into a world I knew before,
where ignorance was silent bliss
and death sailed towards a distant shore.

Caught within a tragic dream,
deep emptiness in misery.
No isolation too extreme
in traumatized reality.
Lonely chasm fate’s created
walling in a pool of pain.
Reality has separated,
calling out in drops of rain.

Miss you, Little Sister,
my simple words just can’t explain…
voices heard in drops of rain
pour… out… your… name…..

Free afflictions from within!
the mold is bonded strong.
Catch a glimpse beyond this skin,
towards worlds where bliss belongs.
See a sage as no one has,
seek passage past a mind.
Wash away this captious world,
leave drops of rain behind.

(Lyrics/voice John Heavern, vocals Louis Marchena)

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