Universal cold

‘Make me believe nothing’s going on…’ Serenn crying her heart out. With the help of Jarek Adamowski, Andrea Spaziale and Jean Lui Toudou. The best guitars, drums and bass around on Kompoz. Some team. Probably the most powerful JustVera-track so far.

Make me believe
Nothing’s going on
That this dream
Can still be built upon

I know that time
Won’t change what we’ve done
But can we find
Who we will become?

There’s a light shining in your eyes
(History taking hold)
What’s in the past and in our minds
(A story to be told)
Stay with me for another day
(Let my desire unfold)
Speak the words that I long to hear you say
(Say, say, say, say)

Say, say, say, say

And give me hope
(Give me hope)
And give me hope in this
Universal cold

Aching to breathe
Stringing me along
Minus thirty five degrees
I can feel this is all wrong

I know that I’m
Not having fun
(I’m so done)
Isn’t it time
You’re the one who’s on the run?

When you leave your memories behind
You’ll find
I’m not so easy to unwind
I wonder why
There’s no winner in the games we play
Love’s just a casualty of the war we wage
(Wage, wage, wage, wage)


(Keep it steady)
(Fire when ready)
And aim for the soul
In this
Universal cold

Universal cold

(Lyrics by Serenn)


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