Runs like fire

One of the guys at Kompoz who is famous for his production of quality lyrics is B.K. Williamson. The usual workflow with JustVera is to create lyrics for an existing piece of music. This time we turned it around: I asked him for his best, most precious lyrics and I composed the music to them. Then I asked Ian T. (guitar) and Serenn (backing vocals) for some contributions and bumped into Alan Abernethy (lead vocal). Personally I think he did an awesome job with his interpretation of B.K.’s lyrics. Sofar the background info.
Just listen to the result and get caught by the sad story of addiction…

There’s a young girl shining in the moonlight
Wind in her hair and light on her feet
Gotta be true if it feels right
Givin’ herself to everybody she meets

Jenny got caught in the neon
Spinnin’ around in the sweet summer heat
Innocence shown like a beacon
attracting every other junkie and thief

Deep inside she feels the burning
Runs like fire through her veins
Sudden flash she feel the yearning
Can’t tell the pleasure from the pain…
Can’t tell the pleasure from the pain

Another lost soul for the taking
Wanders on through this shadow land
Once in the light now forsaken
A map pain in the palm of her hand

All her life she’s been running
So much more than she can see
And with her heart on the line
She dives into herself

Can’t tell the pleasure from the pain…
Can’t tell the pleasure from the pain

There’s a young girl…

(Lyrics by B.K. Williamson)

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