The Gift

I wrote this one at least 10 years ago. (For those who know Justus: it was an instrumental called ‘All about you’.) I always considered it to be special, so I decided to invite some friends to re-record it. As a start BK Williamson wrote some really beautiful lyrics, which reminded me of Eleonor Rigby. Then Nicola Offidani added smooth guitars like only he can and Maurizio Marini showed his jazzy talents on drums. But the biggest change and improvement probably was created by Shakunetsu O. She turned the lyrics into a truly heartbreaking story. Hearing is believing…

He liked the colors inside the box
They made him laugh an’ forget for a while
Took him to a place where everyone smiled
They all stood together and everyone fit…
and everybody had a friend

She covers up his eyes so he won’t see her cry
and tells him of the gift he holds inside…

He lay his head upon her lap
He asked her please, in a voice so meek
Can you tell me why nobody speaks
Nobody says hello or goodbye…
Why am I not like them

His body left him just yesterday
In the middle of the night with nothing to say
He drew his last breath all alone in his bed
His mother still wonders what went on in his head…
They all say he’s in a better place

She covered up his eyes so he wouldn’t look surprised
at the freedom of the gift he held inside…

And no one came to say goodbye

(Lyrics by BK Wiliamson)

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